Overview of Law & Government

Responsibility for fundraising in some Australian states is divided between two sets of laws and two corresponding separate state government agencies. This is because there are two different categories of fundraising: fundraising by gaming eg raffles, art unions and fundraising by donation. The later is usually termed charitable collections.

Fundraising in the form of gaming (raffles,etc) is controlled by the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987  other fundraising eg donations is controlled by the Charitable Collections Act 1946 and (minor) the Charitable Collections Regulations 1947

The government agencies responsible in Western Australia are the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor and the Department of Commerce.

"Oh of course your money is going to facilities in your local area!" (They haven't got any local facilities for all I know, hyuk hyuk.)

Raffle surplus (income minus costs) information estimates must be provided to the governing authority on application. But this information is not required to be passed onto the public. Many charities publish financial records with their annual reports and included is fundraising information but this is unlikely to be sourced by many members of the public and fundraising managers have been known to discourage fundraisers from discussing this information with supporters and prospective supporters. We also know that a Wagering and Gaming Commission policy requires indications of a 23% return in fundraising raffles for approval to be granted. This is considerable less than the requirements in NSW.

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