Is a transaction with a professional fundraiser, in the main, a symbolic exercise in values confirmation? 

Is the process to a large an extent, an act whereby a member of society simply demonstrates their commitment to social & cultural values via a type of proxy process facilitated by the professional fundraiser? The marketer thus presents a spiel which makes tenuous, sentimental reference to cultural values which are probably embodied to an extent in activities of the charity such as giving to the poor and assisting the proverbial ones who are less fortunate than us - which also confirms our superiority over them and adds subjective value to the supporter. The supporter then partakes in a sale - that bedrock Act of civilization - what better way to commit to something? And they needn't get off the couch to do so, in ideal conditions. The Sale demonstrates and affirms the persons support of the social values blurbed by the marketer. The marketer knows that these social values can be traded on and are value added so to speak, meaning money can be made out of them - they can be sold. And for both parties the fine details need not be gone into ie the side issue of how much money is going to charity and how much is going to business people and what exactly and truthfully the money will be spent on.  Why should that matter? The experience is subjective. It enables the ordinary person to channel and bathe in the light and warm glow of their subjective inner Citizen. The supporter gains the feeling that s/he has been normatively defined as endorsing cultural values which in turn give them value as a social member as well as self-value. S/he is satisfied. No more is required. Insisting on validation by objective parameters would only dull the sunny disposition which the event has afforded both parties. That is if either were inclined to venture into that tricky territory.

You may well be skeptical about this hypothesis. For starters you may object: I'm too unengaged with my perfunctory charity giving to do all of that, hell I don’t even unnerstand what the heck you talking about. But bear in mind you are also too careless and thoughtless to know what goes on in a telemarketing fundraising transaction anyway (and apparently don’t care) so how would you know what applies in any case?

Just sayin'.