Responsibility for fundraising in some Australian states is divided between two sets of laws and two corresponding separate state government agencies. This is because there are two different categories of fundraising: fundraising by gaming eg raffles, art unions and fundraising by donation. The later is usually termed charitable collections.

For Tasmania fundraising is controlled by the Gaming Control Act 1993  (See PART 4B - Minor gaming conducted for charitable purposes) and the  Collections for Charities Act 2001    Overview of the Law  

Collecting for a Charity                      

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading administers the Collections for Charities Act 2001. This applies to any person soliciting money for a charitable purpose from the public. The Liquor and Gaming Branch representing the Tasmanian Gaming Commission regulates gaming permits for charitable and nonprofit organisations such as lotteries, calcuttas sweepstakes, instant draw bingo, raffles, lucky envelopes and dancing dollars.Reference