FAvorite QueStions

What’s your problem?

The problem is the disgusting things done in the name of charity by professional fundraisers. They are abusing the trust of decent Australians. Especially the financially disadvantaged. Many pensioners support dozens of charities through professional fundraisers and don’t even know about the nature of the transaction. The telemarketers lie to them and make them believe that they are dealing directly with the charity. Many pensioners are actually saving up and waiting for their next pension pay day to be able to afford the vile silly raffles that the professional fundraisers foist on a trusting public. In the name of charity they are lying and in effect stealing from the community.

Are yous making this stuff up?

Our information is from government sources, industry experience including the countless accounts by members of the public who have dealt with fundraisers. And we also call as a witness YOURSELF. Does the information available to you here surprise you eg the portion of your "donation" that reaches charity?

Isn't there something important out there for yous to get worked up about?

Sure it's not the most important social and economic issue out there but it's still important. When people are misrepresenting themselves as charities for the purpose of fraudulently getting money for themselves then it's important enough. It's even worse when they do it to people who are struggling financially and on fixed incomes. And even “worser” when the charities are well off financially and top heavy with PR and marketing staff, media advisors, fundraising managers and so on.

And who are yous anyway?

 We are or were working in the professional fundraising industry. In more than one such outfit. For several different charities. And in contact with thousands of “supporters” and members of the public aggrieved by their treatment at the hands of professional fundraisers. That gives us pretty broad experience of this industry. Information gathered by supporters and call centre contacts gives us further information about this industry which we didn't directly acquire as does information from colleagues who have gathered experience else where in the industry.